Tuesday, May 19, 2009

An Introduction To Me.


My name is Jess.

For quite some time, I've been looking for a single place to keep all the things that go on in my head. An outlet. You see, loose-leaf paper can only go so far -- I've got sheets of it scattered throughout my bedroom, my binders, my locker, and in just about any nook or cranny I come across. I made a half-hearted attempt at youtube, but being on video wasn't really my thing, so I think this blog may really be the answer!

Anyways, here are some tidbits about myself:

- I'm seventeen
- My dream is to live life vagabonding across the world
- Last year, my friends and I completely shaved our heads for cancer
- Music & Nature are my biggest motivators
- My biggest passions include photography, reading & writing, and most especially, doodling
- I love pretty much all food, but I'm not a big sweet fan
- I could spend hours researching the Paranormal, Ouija boards, ghosts, seances, and psychics
- I'm a pisces, and yes, I do read horoscopes daily =)

Lastly, I should probably mention that seeing as school is not over, and exams are yet to be taken, my posts on here could be infrequent and inconsistent. Feel free to leave a comment if you'd like!


  1. Hi Jess,

    Welcome to the blogging world. I've only been at it a short time, and it's already changed me. I'm a blogger for life, now :)

    Being pretty happy to be yourself is a great place to be, some people never get there.

    Congratulations on finding a place to leave your thoughts, it works wonders.


  2. Thanks David!

    Yes, I can see how it can become addicting -- I quite often catch myself thinking, "Oh that would be a great idea to put on my blog!" although by the time I get home I forget. I'be started keeping a pen with me though, and hopefully that will work.